It’s been a crazy flurry…

It's been a crazy flurry of packing and moving and Kavi and not sleeping and crashing in the middle of the afternoon for three hours totally unexpectedly (that was yesterday), completely screwing with plans to get academic work done by a certain deadline. Sorry, sorry Stacy! I'm going to work on it right now, or as soon as I finish this entry.

We've gotten most of our stuff down to Los Gatos, and right now I'm in the midst of sorting it into three categories:

  • must come in the car with us because it is either fragile, or needed in the next few weeks
  • can come with Jed in the big suitcase when he comes to visit in the New Year
  • can be shipped
Hopefully, everything in the first category will actually fit in the car. We're leaving early Thursday morning, because the forecast looks relatively clear, but super-cold. Kev says we still have to be very careful driving, because apparently cold makes your tires hard, thus more accident-prone? We're expecting to do a very long day on Thursday. Probably we'll aim to pass Salt Lake City and get over those mountains, stopping about 13-14 hrs into the drive somewhere around Green River or Rock Springs. I think? If we hold to that schedule, we'll could be home by Saturday night. Hard to believe.

Jed's here to help me today, so I'm going to try to get through the masses of backlogged computer work I have this morning, and then spend the afternoon/evening packing. Kevin's up at MSRI, finishing up his math stuff. It's definitely all go-go-go mode around here!

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