We celebrated Christmas…

We celebrated Christmas early with Kevin's family, because we're leaving in a few days. (Thursday early morning is the current plan.) So, there were presents, and babies, and much laughter. Sorry a few of the photos are kind of blurry -- it's not so easy, capturing babies in the midst of holiday glee.

I love this photo of Kavi under the tree -- if we hadn't already done our holiday cards, I'd be tempted to use this image. Note the gingerbread man onesie. :-)

Kavi likes ornaments. She especially likes trying to eat them.

The eating became a theme with her gifts. 'Look, a present for me! Is it tasty?'
Somewhere around here, she apparently lost a sock.

She even tried to eat her rocking caterpillar. The antennae got thoroughly soaked. (Incidentally, super-cool gift, so cute! She needs help to ride it right now, but in a few months, watch out! I highly recommend this company for all your rocking animal needs. Age 9 months to 3 years.)

We managed to get one relatively peaceful photo of the cousins...

...but then Kavi tried to eat her cousin, and poor Brooke started to howl and was quickly rescued by her mommy.

After the presents were opened, we made handprint ornaments for grandma. Kavi was not allowed to try to eat these!

4 thoughts on “We celebrated Christmas…”

  1. Very cute photos! I like the one where Kavi is under the tree next to Brooke, looking at the camera as if to say, “Who, me?”

    We did the handprint/ footprint kits at the 1-month mark on Saturday, and it looks a *lot* easier in your photo with a 6-month-old! We were afraid to press too hard on his tiny little hands!

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    The only problem is that at six months, they resist — Kavi grabbed her hand up in the next second, smearing the print pretty good. We ended up shaking it out and redoing it with her foot — much easier. 🙂 Also easier to do feet if you want to paint them at a place like Petroglyph (we made a plate with Kavi’s footprint for Kevin’s mom).

  3. The pictures of your little girl keep me coming back entry after entry after entry. She is amazing and full of something intriguing.

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