So, what do you really…

So, what do you really want for Christmas? Here's my fantasy list. I want:

  • Kavi to sleep through the night, so I can sleep 6-8 hrs at a stretch regularly again.
  • reliable child-care in Chicago that we can afford at least two days a week. Mya would be good. :-)
  • my novel to sell, despite the fact that Bob has been trying to sell it for many months without success.
  • to finish another book. In fact, I want to finish two, the YA and the nonfiction one. By next June. September at the latest. At least full, solid drafts of both.
  • to start writing poetry again. I have no idea why the poetry part of my brain seems to have turned itself off.
  • to be able to afford someone to come clean our house every two weeks.
  • my sister to find a good guy who actually deserves someone as fabulous as she is, and appreciates how lucky he is to have her.
  • my other sister to get through the run-up to her wedding without too much trauma to herself or the rest of the family.
  • my mother to find something satisfying to do for the next forty years, now that her three children are all grown up. Also, I want her neck problems to go away.
  • time to take photography classes, and someone to buy me a real camera and lenses and all that stuff.
  • the upcoming teaching gigs at NW and UIC to go well, and for UIC to keep renewing me indefinitely, so we can be financially stable without my needing to try to find a 9-5 job. (This is assuming we stay in Chicago.) I'm happy working 40-80 hours a week, but I really prefer it to be on my own schedule.
  • If we go elsewhere for Kevin's work, I want us to be able to afford a house that's big enough to be comfortable, without my needing to get a 9-5 job.
  • Someday, I want a yard. For Ellie, and for gardening.
  • I want the power to teleport.
Other than that, I'm good. My life is blessed, and I know it. What do you want?

3 thoughts on “So, what do you really…”

  1. I want a teleporter, so I can come take care of Kavi in Chicago. Except it’s *really* cold there in the winter. I object!

  2. The cold shouldn’t be a problem, Mya. Just teleport into Mary Anne’s and Kevin’s place and don’t go outdoors until after you teleport back home!

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