Okay, so I’m sort of…

Okay, so I'm sort of recovered from the Trip o' Doom. Mostly. This cold I caught isn't helping. But despite all that, I've actually been getting things done the past few days. Churned through a bunch of e-mail, did a whole mess of writing on Thursday. By which I mean a lot of writing, not that the writing was a mess. Which it often is. But this wasn't -- I'm finally nailing down what needs to happen in the YA book, and just need to write two more short scenes and the first 3/5's will be done, ready to send to yes, yet another workshop. There are times when I'm desperately homesick for Chicago, but it was probably worth coming out here just for all the great workshopping crtiques I've gotten. And the weather hasn't hurt.

We're going to be here for a little less than a month more, and it's started feeling like we're entering some kind of home stretch. The end of my maternity leave, finishing up various open projects in spare moments. Not that I'm going to be so super-busy when I get back -- I'm teaching one graduate fiction course for Northwestern, which only meets Tuesday evenings, so I should have just as much time at home as I've had this fall (since I won't be taking the Tamil class anymore). Of course, some of that time will be taken up by prep and grading, but still. And Kevin will be home more -- he has a big pile of admin work to do next spring, many committees, so he'll be going into campus most days. But he won't be staying 9-5 nearly as often as he has this fall. Hopefully, it'll be pretty easy for us to switch off shifts with baby so we can both get a good amount of work done. We'll see.

Anyway, they're all asleep, so I'm going to steal this time to try to work on one of those backlogged projects. I'm still too groggy to write, but I can upload photos in my sleep. I'm putting all the Sri Lanka photos in a Flickr set, so you guys can finally see them all properly. I'm excited. Got about 190 photos up yesterday, quite a few to go. Here's a question -- if the full set ends up being about 300 photos, would you prefer it all in one big slideshow, or should I break them up by city? (I.e., Colombo, train ride, Kandy, etc.)

3 thoughts on “Okay, so I’m sort of…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Oh, they’ll all be labelled — I’m doing titles now, and plan to add descriptions for most of them. So it’s just a question of whether getting the whole set at once is too overwhelming.

    One problem with breaking it up is that some cities I have tons of photos, and some I have almost none, so the sets would be very uneven. 🙁

  2. I vote for breaking it down. I don’t mind uneven sets, or perhaps you could combine a small set with a larger set, if they are close in geography or time. But all in one huge clump gets overwhelming really quickly.

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