Okay, I think I’ve…

Okay, I think I've uploaded them all. A bunch still need titles, and they all still need descriptions, but I really need to do some dishes and laundry, so that'll have to wait. Here, enjoy. A little Sri Lanka for your weekend.

And if you're moved to comment, that'd be swell -- I'd love to know which ones strike you and why, which ones seem dull and should be deleted, that kind of thing. I have so much to learn about photography, and any feedback is very helpful! If you do comment, doing so over at Flickr would let people who don't read this journal see the comments too, and also makes it easier (I think) to comment on an individual photo. But I won't swear to that. You can view the photos in a lot more detail there, I think.

I think this slideshow below goes in reverse chronological order, from the end of my trip to the beginning. That's a little frustrating, but I don't know of a way to change that, other than by manually reversing all the photos -- and then the slideshow at Flickr will be in the wrong order? I think. Oh, so confusing.

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