Sunday brunch with the…

Sunday brunch with the grandparents -- this is from a few weeks back, when we were doing the holiday shoot. After photographs, I made crepes and fillings (spinach and feta, chicken and mushroom and asparagus with a cream sauce, sauteed pear and blue cheese) for the family. I think Jed took these photos, but some of them might have been me. Maybe all of them. It's a bit fuzzy.

Brooke still has far more hair than Kavya, and is also gaining on the weight front -- she's already at 11 pounds, last I heard, to Kavi's 15.5 or so. If Brooke goes on like this, she'll likely outpace Kavi soon. But Kavi's a pretty solid, sturdy kid already, so I'm not too worried.

3 thoughts on “Sunday brunch with the…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    You sure you’re not talking about Brooke? Mine’s the one in purple stripes…

    I kid, I kid. She’s adorable. Kevin takes all the credit…

  2. No Mary Anne,
    I’m talking about Kavya. 🙂
    I was taken aback by her animated expression, evident in her eyes and smile.
    She’s got your features too & will be considered physically beautiful when she grows up.
    It’s easy to tell. 🙂

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