Never mind on the Flickr…

Never mind on the Flickr organizing, it seems fine on other computers; just a problem if I'm logged into my account, I think. Also, I only get three free sets and 200 free photos, so until I decide I love Flickr and want to upgrade, that pretty much tells me how to organize my photos. I've finished with the full Kavi set now (about 90 photos, so if you looked at the slideshow yesterday, and are as obsessed with my daughter as I am, you might want to take a look, as there are a lot more photos in there now, in chronological order, even, I think). Also the Holiday photo set.

At some point I desperately want to do the Sri Lanka 2005 trip photo set, which I've failed to get up on my site for oh, two years now. But before that, I think I owe you guys a trip report, plus a few more belated photos that I somehow forgot to post along the way. Watch this space. Well, the next space. You know what I mean.

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