5 thoughts on “This stressed-out entry…”

  1. I think there is no point in worrying about these things at all. There are probably lots of things she is ahead of the average in also.

  2. Sorry to hear you’re stressed, MaryAnne :/

    But i hear that a lot of the time, it can be due to baby’s temperament rather than development. My mom would tell you that my baby sis was a reluctant smiler but that it had more to do with the queenly air she retained into adulthood rather than an inability to smile.

    But if you’re seriously worried about Kavya, please check with her pediatrician. Sometimes even a quick phone conference can be reassuring. After all, the pediatrician is better trained to spot any real problems (better trained than fond parents with internet access 🙂 i.e. )

  3. Do you have a Gymini-type playmat? (something like this: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2266983 ). If you don’t and you’re looking for another tool for the baby toolkit, I found mine was very helpful to get my hands free for that quick read or lunch while keeping Lyra stimulated and entertained. You can still talk to her, while she has lots of stuff to look at and make her think about whether she might (someday) want to reach for this or roll over and get that…. We used Lyra’s all the time for her first several months, for both tummy time and just relaxing on her back in a safe place with stuff to look at while I did something nearby, periodically getting down to point something out and play for a moment. You can rotate out the toys that hang, and there are a wide variety of themes available with stuff to interest her both above and below. There might be some used ones at your secondhand kids’ stuff store. Highly recommended!

  4. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    We have one that we borrowed from Nilofer, but she’s not really big enough to use it yet, and Nilofer’s having a second child, so we’re going to give hers back, which I guess means that we’ll be buying another one. 🙂 But we’ll wait ’til we get out to California, I think.

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