We had some friends over…

We had some friends over yesterday -- at this point, we can manage to clean up enough to socialize about once a month or so, it seems. I managed to make a little food while Kavya was sleeping -- the cream scones came out delicious, because I followed the Fannie Farmer recipe slavishly, as always. The egg salad sandwiches were over-dilled -- the perils of using your own fresh dill and not measuring well. And the cream cheese/chutney sandwiches were just bland and mushy -- they needed more substance. Would have been great with chicken in them, for example. Ah well. Other people brought much yummy food, and we had a nice leisurely chat with Ian, Dave L. Mirna, Devi, and Manish.

The mellow party stretched from 1 to 7 or so, and we even went up to the roof to sit among the flowers at one point. We would have stayed longer, but got rained out by a sudden summer thunderstorm. God, I love those. Although I do not advise having sex outside at night during one, unless you like being covered in mosquito bites. This has been your PSA for the day.

Maybe I should write a book: Sex Tips You Will Probably Never Need. :-)

No plans for today -- I might stop by my sister's to see if I want any of the stuff she's discarding. She leaves for New York in a week, where she'll start her new job at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Other than that, continue to clean up, write some birth announcement cards, and start seriously working on my student's thesis. All assuming baby allows, of course.

What I really want is a nap.

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