As you can see,…

As you can see, while we haven't managed to kill either the baby or the dog yet, Ellie is maybe just a tiny bit attention-starved at the moment. Poor puppy. It will get better, I promise -- eventually, there'll be a toddler to imperiously tug on your neck and demand puppy rides.

What this photo really is, is an ad for my new favorite baby product. I still love the boppy, but I may be at least as happy with our Moby Wrap. It's a little goofy, in that it's essentially just a long rectangular piece of cloth. But it's the right softness and strength and stretchiness to make an excellent hands-free baby-carrier -- even though my hand is on the baby in the photo at right, it doesn't need to be -- I can easily type while wearing the moby wrap in the 'newborn hug' position. The width helps it be very comfortable across my back, well-distributed in weight; better than the other sling we have, though I haven't compared it to the Baby Bjorn carrier yet. She's soothed by being so close to my body, I can jiggle her easily if she gets a little fussy, and did I mention, hands-free?! Typing! You can see where my priorities lie. I got mine in 'chocolate', which goes very nicely with much of my wardrobe, and is not too girly for Kevin to wear too. :-)

Generally, when I'm not raving about any product that can win us an extra fifteen minutes of quiet peaceful angel-Kavya (as opposed to howling demon-Kavya), I'm resting. Watching tv, reading, that sort of thing. I think I manage to get about one piece of real work done a day -- say 1-2 hrs worth. I feel like I'm recovering well, but I still get tired really easily. And baby has started eating more (she's up to 22 ounces or so a day), which means that my measly six pumpings are no longer sufficient to keep up with her; I'm up to seven now, which means that unless I'm super-careful to pump every three hours exactly (or with shorter interval), I end up needing to wake up in the middle of the night for a pumping. Did last night, and the night before. I'm going to try to be really careful today, 'cause I miss my luxurious six-hour stretches of uninterrupted sleep. We'll see how it goes.

But on the plus side -- she's eating more! She's getting bigger! She actually feels more solid than she did three weeks (minus a day) ago, which is pretty darn exciting. She feels more and more like a real baby.

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  1. Wow, I just read through all the entries from the baby annoucement to here (I’d caught ones here and there) but reading in a sitting was an amazing journey. I’m so in awe of you & Kevin and your wonderful baby girl.

  2. Ditto on the photo – Can you tell us where you got that sling/carrier/cloth? It looks like a great gift for new parents.

  3. Sorry – I can see now tht you did! When I first read thru there was no hyperlink for some odd known-only-to-the-computer reason. And after I typed (and posted) of course the hyperlink was there. Of course Mary Anne would include the hyperlink – what was I thinking (V-8 like slap to the head)

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