It’s been very…

It's been very hectic here, but in a good way. A few notes:

  • I had a doctor's appointment yesterday -- I am healing on schedule, and am now cleared to drive again. Still not allowed to lift anything heavier than the baby, though.
  • My little sister Sharmila (pictured right) and Ryan (recently upgraded from boyfriend to fiance :-) arrived on Sunday, on their way driving a U-Haul to their new jobs as interns at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. They stayed through until this morning (5:30 a.m., eep).
  • Kevin's dad, Ron, arrived on Saturday, and has just now departed, after much cuddling of his first grandchild.
  • My sister Mirna had a big dinner party (40 guests) at her house, and I was recovered enough to help her with cooking -- which did actually make me very tired. Apparently I am not quite 100% yet.
  • Kavya has taken to eating lots more, at more frequent intervals; Kevin and I are getting very tired. She's keeping it pretty much down, though, so I don't think we're overfeeding her -- it's probably just a growth spurt. So far, my milk supply is keeping up, but just barely. She ate 22 ounces yesterday -- a big jump from the 16 ounces of a week ago.
  • A plumber came by today and ran water up to a new faucet on the roof, something we've been planning to have done since we moved in here. It should make watering much easier -- up 'til now, we've been hooking up the hose to the shower a floor below, running it out through the bathroom and the nursery and up the stairs and out the door to the roof. Hopefully, we can get a handyman out tomorrow to fix the drywall and it'll be all done.
  • In almost every free moment, we've been having long conversations about the best housing options for us this fall. It's complex, but we should have a decision soon.
Despite being horribly weary, it was lovely seeing everyone, and we managed to sneak in a game of Settlers of Cataan, in between pumping and cooking and snuggling baby and such. And last night, Kevin and I went out and rented a high-quality double-pump, which should cut my pumping time in half. We're still hoping that she'll take to the breast sometime soon, but in the interim, this will make pumping less tedious.

That's what's happening around here. Did I mention that we are very tired?

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