A few more…

A few more photos...

Kavi at the hospital -- look, she has hair! And open eyes! And a suspicious expression -- she's probably wondering if you're yet another person looking to stick needles into her...

Three of her aunties (Romi, Nimmi, Pami) visited the baby today; they seemed to like her. :-)

And I know I'm a biased mommy, but I think this is the best photo of her so far. So cute! Everyone say, "Awww...."

7 thoughts on “A few more…”

  1. I have to say, C-section babies start out prettier than vaginal delivery kids. . . their skin tone and head shape are less funky.

    Everything evens out by the second or third week, though.

  2. That is not a suspicious look…She is trying to prove a topology theorem that she has been thinking about for weeks!

  3. Oh, so precious! I love her “suspicious” look– people who say all babies look alike haven’t really looked at babies. There is so much personality in that one look!

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