Home again, home again…

Home again, home again -- gods, it's nice to be home. So far, we're coping beautifully this morning. I'm not going to give y'all a play-by-play every day, but for those curious, here's how a good night/morning with a newborn goes...

I fed the baby at the breast and then went to bed at 11, and Kev did a midnight feeding with previously pumped milk. He woke me at 2 to feed the baby, and I offered her the breast, which she played with for a while, before saying 'nope, I'm too tired for this nonsense.' (She expresses this in outraged screams, but really, it's very clear.) So by 3 or so, we had given up and gave her formula, which she slurped down happily. She conked out, I conked out, Kevin conked out, Ellie said, 'thank god you silly people are finally going to sleep, 'cause bedtime was HOURS ago.' and then she conked out too.

At 5:30, I woke up, in moderately desperate need of some painkillers. (My incision is apparently healing well, but that means a fair bit of ouchie unless I'm drugged up.) Gathered up baby and headed downstairs. (I'm not allowed to carry anything heavier than the baby right now. Stairs are okay, in moderation.) Took painkiller, fed the puppy, ate a quick slice of apple danish (hooray for ready-made food), changed her diaper, fed baby pumped milk. Burped baby, changed her again, and she fell asleep. Giving mama a blissful chance to putter around the house. Watered plants, straightened up living room and dining room chaos, pumped while watching two sit-coms. Ate a bowl of cereal with banana.

At 8:30, she woke up, and she put up with about ten minutes of breast-feeding before getting cranky and recalcitrant. Fed her most of the pumped milk. Changed her diaper. And so on and so forth we go... :-) I got six hours of sleep, in two chunks, thanks to Kevin's help with feeding, so I'm actually doing reasonably okay at the moment. Fingers crossed that it continues...

Now she's resting pretty comfortably, so I'm going to go drag Kevin out of bed to watch her while I take a shower. David Moles is stopping by to visit (from Switzerland, on his way to WisCon), and I think I actually have time to take a shower before he gets here. Lucky him. :-)

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Good — she mostly comes over and sniffs baby a lot. Ellie does seem a bit sad and in desire of much petting; any time we actually start petting her, she keeps nudging our hand if we stop, hoping we’ll start again. She’s a bit neglected, in other words, but coping.

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