Her bilirubin stayed…

Her bilirubin stayed stable -- usually it peaks and then comes down, so they're assuming that the peak was Monday morning. In other words, we're going home!

Kev will be here in a few minutes; after this, folks can call us at the house. Sorry if I've been ignoring phone calls a lot the last few days; just not up to talking to anyone. I'm feeling much better now.

Thanks for all the support and congratulations and advice, everyone. It's very much appreciated. The support on breastfeeding, especially -- pretty much every comment posted to that, and every e-mail I've gotten privately, has made me tear up, but in a good way. :-)

5 thoughts on “Her bilirubin stayed…”

  1. For whatever it is worth, I have read that a few minutes of sunshine a day is very good for bringing down bilirubin levels.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    We’re actually not allowed to put her in direct sunlight; newborn skin is too fragile. But yes, lots of indirect light is supposed to help…

  3. Interesting how theories change. In 1967, we were told that ten to twenty minutes a day of sunshine was good for babies because of Vitamin D.

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