Kavya – Day…

Kavya - Day One

Sleeping baby. This is most of what she did the first day.

Mama's a little groggy, but we're all three doing okay. :-)

Aunty Mirna with her first niece!

Beaming grandparents. :-)

More day one photos soon; Mirna got some good ones on her camera, so as soon as she sends them along, I'll post those. I'm still pretty wiped today; slept a few hours last night, but not so many. So proper birth report may have to wait 'til tomorrow...

7 thoughts on “Kavya – Day…”

  1. You look positively radiant, Mary Anne. Tired, but radiant. 🙂 Kavya is precious! It’s hard to tell with her cap on, but it looks like she already has a fair amount of hair?

  2. sharmila, ryan and friends

    Great pictures. The baby looks beautiful and so do you!

    Keep the pictures coming!

  3. Rozanne and Mark

    Congratulations!!! We’re so happy for you guys and she looks beautiful, cant wait to see more pics!
    Lots of Love,
    Roz + Mark

  4. Joanne and Jim Benjamin

    Congrats. Even though you think “Mom” is still tired and groggy, the two of you look beautiful and we are so happy for both of you.

    Can’t wait to see her!!!

    With Love, Joanne and Jim Benjamin

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