Surprisingly, there is…

Surprisingly, there is free wireless in my hospital room, thereby justifying my compulsion to bring my laptop with me everywhere I go, despite Kevin's so-sensible comment that I probably wouldn't need it. Hah!

That said, I very tired. I'll write up something properly tomorrow, with photos, I promise. And if you were thinking of calling, I do have my cell with me, but calling tomorrow (not too early or late) would be better than today. Thanks. If you're local, I'm at Illinois Masonic Hospital, and expect to be here until Monday morning at least, so would probably be happy to have visitors; just call first, please. Oh, and I'm only allowed two visitors at a time (plus Kevin).

For now, I just confirm that baby and Kevin and I are doing good so far. And for the record, her full name is:

Kaviarasi Ann Jacintha Whyte

Ann is Kevin's mom's name; Jacintha is my mom's name. Yes, the whole thing is kind of long. My family always does long names. It's actually only two-thirds the length of a couple of her great-grandparents' names. :-)

We'll probably be calling her Kavya or Kavi most of the time, in any case. Kavya means 'poem.'

9 thoughts on “Surprisingly, there is…”

  1. Cool! I thought they didn’t allow wireless devices in hospitals these days, so I figured you would be totally cut off from the Net for days….

    Anyway, congratulations again! Yay!

  2. Congratulations! What a beautiful name! Happy news! I hope you’re feeling pretty good. I can’t wait to meet Kavya.

  3. What a lovely name! I’ve always been a fan of long names. I’m glad you all are doing well. Many congratulations!

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