I did finish the…

I did finish the grading, though I want to swing by the department tomorrow morning and just make sure there aren't any late papers waiting for me there before I submit final grades. Also planted the roses, with much help from Kevin; I can't bend very much at this point. And finished my thyme/time garden, which now has seven varieties of thyme, around a central sundial. English thyme, lemon thyme, lime thyme, silver thyme, wooly thyme, mother-of-thyme, red creeping thyme. Can't figure out whether I want to keep the thyme labelled or not -- the academic in me likes labelling, but aesthetics may win out over knowledge. :-)

We didn't put up the shelf, sadly. Maybe today. We're having some difficulties with our studfinder. (Though we did find it, which is something.) The plan for today:

  • send out draft of first part of 'Arbitrary Passions' to first readers, with many questions appended at end
  • pick up just a few more plants to finish window boxes
  • pack bag for hospital
  • put up shelf
  • move craft supplies from nursery closet to hall shelving unit
  • sell Kevin's car at CarMax
  • winnow unread books (too many for shelf, and many are undesired freebies)
  • clear stair railing of old electronics, etc.
  • coffee with Sapna and baby Rowan
  • catch up on Heroes :-)
We'll see how it goes.

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  1. I have found that a really strong magnet works better for me than a stud-finder. When there is a nail hidden in the wall, the magnet sticks to the wall, and the stud must be there (presumably vertical.) The stud-finders I have used seem not to work nearly this well.

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