We got a ton done over…

We got a ton done over the weekend, even if I had to rest a lot. It took about two hours to buy the car, which was great. We went from there on to the party; I was kind of tired, and after about half an hour had to go upstairs and lay down, but Nilofer and Satya were already up there, and then Jed and Kevin came up, so we had a nice conversation while I lay on NIlofer's bed. Then back down for cake, and I was ready to collapse. Home again, home again.

Yesterday was Jed's last day in town; Lakshmi stopped by too, and between them, we managed to clear out some old garden stuff and finally finish and hang the gazebo curtains, which should help provide a nice shady spot for baby and me to hang out this summer. In late afternoon, Jed and I just hung out for a while, which was nice. After he left, my sister stopped by with curries for us! So nice; I was getting really sick of takeout and/or simple sandwiches, which is about all I've had the energy to deal with in the last week. I did cook a bit yesterday lunchtime (kiri bath made with red rice, plus some chicken tikka masala with sauce from a jar) but now with her food we actually have enough for several full meals. After eating too much, Kev and I watched an episode of Heroes and then he coaxed me into actually getting up and sorting through papers and paying various almost-overdue bills -- and then, triumph of triumphs, we finally put away all the laundry.

Karina seems to think I'm overly-productive for a very pregnant lady, but it just makes me feel so much better, checking these things off my to-do list, I can't tell you. Put it down to nesting impulse, okay? :-) Today, sleepy baby. Me, not the baby, who is still kicking and punching pretty steadily. She had a few days when she was kind of quiet, and I started to worry, but then yesterday, she moved around lots, so she's probably fine. I woke up at 6:30 this morning, and got up and had breakfast and talked to Karina and read a little -- and then fell asleep on the couch for another two hours. Oops. S'okay, though -- I have a bunch to do today from 2 - 9 or so, but can afford to take it easy until then.

I'm going to go do a tiny bit of gardening now, I think. Just get a few potted annuals into a window box; I should have enough energy to manage that.

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