We have a new…

We have a new car.

I sort of feel like that ought to have an exclamation point, that it's the kind of thing that people generally get excited about, but y'know, I'm just not a car person. Not to mention, we went with a very boring, very functional, very safe car: the Kia Rondo, in a dark-blue V6 LX, with grey interior. It's what's called a crossover vehicle, which I gather means it's somewhere between a regular car and a SUV. Here's a pretty detailed review, with comments.

Main advantages over my old Honda Civic -- well, it's new, so there aren't mysterious problems with the transmission, etc., no dents and scratches, etc. Tons of safety features (packed with way more than a car in this price-range normally has, apparently). Has the option of an astonishing seven seats (the two back ones fold flat, as do the three middle ones, at need), which should easily accommodate us, dog, kid, and kid's friends. Plus second kid, if we go that route. High enough that when I turn my head, I can actually see out the rear window easily, which I never could before. (Those of you who haven't met me may not realize that I'm exceedingly short -- only five feet tall. Occasionally, it makes an annoying difference, though in most situations, my monster ego makes me seem taller. :-) Big doors and roominess and height should make it much easier to get a car seat in and out; big cargo space offers lots of room for stroller plus grocery bags, etc. when the third row is folded down, which I imagine will be most of the time. And it comes with a 10-year warranty, which is apparently surprisingly long?

Disadvantages over the Civic -- noticeably weaker resale value, so hopefully we'll be using it for a long time; no moonroof, which makes me a bit sad. A bit longer and wider, so may be harder to parallel park in the city or park in tight parking lots. Less stylish, people tell me, but I honestly don't notice that sort of thing -- all cars look alike to me. Lots of reviewers think it's ugly, but I have no idea why. Apparently has less 'pep' than my old car, according to Kevin, but again, not the sort of thing I notice or care about.

Overall, I think it's a good choice for us, as we move out of the 'pep' stage of our lives. Gosh, I'm starting to sound like a middle-aged mom. :-)

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  1. I think it looks cute. And you can always decorate it and make it more personal. I have cat paw print magnets down the side of mine, a car mascot, car mats with tree frogs and a leopard skin wheel cover (faux). Cars are just another artistic canvas!

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