Slightly chaotic…

Slightly chaotic morning. Some folks came by and bought the old couch (that used to be in what's now the nursery) and took it away; it's nice to have that space free again. It's starting to actually look like a nursery. And now an appliance guy is here because our fridge stopped working. Sad. Going to cost about three hundred to fix it looks like; something's wrong with either the heater or defroster in the freezer section, so parts to replace, plus his time. Sigh. Our upstairs heater is broken too, but I haven't had the energy to deal with it. This place is only three years old -- should stuff be breaking this often already? We've had the heater/AC guys out three times already, and the fridge guy out twice.

Vague plans for lunch with Nilofer and Zara today; other than that, just getting things fixed, cleaning up, working through my to-do list, and intermittently reading Lindskold. This wolf series is pretty slow paced, but a pleasant read anyway.

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