The new couch is…

The new couch is really grand for lounging or tv watching or reading or napping, but I haven't found a good position for typing yet. Hmm... It's also bigger than we thought, which means that we pretty much can't use any of the old furniture in the living room. Which is okay -- we still have more seating now than we did before -- but it means that now we have a living room set that we don't know what to do with. If we only had an attic/basement to shove it into for the moment; we could probably use it in a few years, when there's a good chance we'll be moving into more of an actual house. Well, we'll think of something. There's always craigslist.

In other news, yesterday was kind of a rough day. Woke up feeling okay, went in to teach, was fine for first class, then fibroid pain started over lunch, and by second class was pretty bad. I got through what I needed to get through in reviewing the essay they'd read for the day, then collected their papers and sent them home a bit early. I wanted to just collapse, but I had to at least drive home, and I had an appointment to drop off my car to get the bumper fixed, so I went ahead and dropped it off. Kev came and picked up me and brought me back, and I took some Tylenol with codeine and just rested for a few hours. I bought a Jane Lindskold high fantasy book during lunch, and that helped distract me from the ouching until the codeine kicked in.

In the evening, I was feeling a bit better -- enough that I could garden for half an hour (filling in some soil, sowing some mixed micro green seeds), and walk down the block to take my sister her birthday present. I'll be sad when she leaves Chicago in a few months; it's been nice having her so close. Sadly, the walking made the fibroid flare again, so then I was back to lying on the couch and waiting for it to get better. Eventually I fell asleep. Hopefully this is just a temporary thing, because while I can manage the pain with rest and Tylenol, I really do have quite a lot of stuff to get done at the moment, and most of it requires moving around.

In other pregnancy news, I'm suddenly hungry all the time. Like, every hour. Which would be okay, except that after holding pretty steady for a while, I gained two pounds last week and another two pounds so far this week. I'm still doing okay overall -- about seventeen pounds for the whole pregnancy, and gaining twenty-five would be fine overall. But that means I really should try to hold it to one pound a week or so for the rest of the time. Maybe I need to start trying to find healthy snacks again -- there's perhaps been a bit too much creamy sauce and rich curries in the last weeks. (But oh, the Ethiopian food was yum. And last night's risotto was nothing to sneer at either...)

Three good things about pregnancy:

  • I really like looking so clearly pregnant. It makes me smile when people ask me about the pregnancy, and my students yesterday were impressed at how much bigger I'd gotten just over spring break.
  • She's moving lots and lots right now, and it feels so nice. Kind of distracting, but in a good way, like there's a little sea creature swimming around inside me. Very reassuring.
  • We're narrowing down the name search; we think we may have figured out her middle names, at least. My family has a tradition of lots of names -- each of us has a first name and two middle names, in addition to the surname Mohanraj, although with me, I ended up going by Mary Anne, so I use two of mine. But my sisters each use one of their three names (in fact, they both use the third name) to go by. It's nice having 'secret' names. We think baby may have hers now...and yes, they're a secret. I think we're going to surprise people with them.

Ellie sez, "Mommy, why are you bothering me? Can't you see I'm trying to sleep?"

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