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[formerly private entry]

Hey, folks. So, doing okay. Cramps got worse again last night, but not really bad enough to be worrisome, or even to stop me from sleeping; I got about six hours of sleep, so feeling okay today, and the cramps are mild again this morning. Was a bit worried about swollen abdomen last night, but tried not to obsess about it.

Did come up with a new theory -- maybe baby's kicking the fibroids? That might explain why it seems to be so much stronger at night -- maybe that's when baby wakes up and decides to jump around a lot? I haven't felt any baby movement yet, what they call 'quickening' -- some women feel it this early, but many don't feel it for a few more weeks, especially with a first child. It would be so ironic if what's supposed to be this wonderful, reassuring movement by baby is actually causing all this scary pain. Hm. Need to ask my doctor when I get back whether my theory makes any sense or is just a load of hooey. :-)

Anyway, thanks for the supportive comments and e-mails; they really do help tremendously, especially right now when I'm feeling so far from home. Thankfully, I'm now staying in London with Elaine (a friend but practically a cousin) and her sister Angie (who's also visiting), and it's just really nice being in a close friend's home and having them offering me clementines and hot water bottles and making me tea. Hugely reassuring.

Quick note for those wanting to call -- umm, you can't easily, 'cause Elaine doesn't have a land line. I could borrow her cell, and probably will tonight to call my mom and Kev (and if you know my mom, please don't mention all this to her, because it'll just worry her unnecessarily), but otherwise, e-mail is best for reaching me the next few days. I'm stealing wifi from the neighbors, and it's a bit spotty (works for an hour, then doesn't for a few hours), but I do seem to get some connectivity every day, so is good enough, I think. But no worries; I really do think I'm fine now.

Although baby, if it *is* you kicking, well, you could stop now. Or at least tone it down a little. (Baby's not even born yet, and already I'm asking hir to turn the music down... :-)

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  1. So about the pain killers…if you go to Boots (they are a chain pharmacy like cvs, probably slightly upscale than walgreens etc), they have a pharmacist on sight who can usually advise on questions like what pain killers are safe during pregnancy etc…just thought you might like to know.

    I hope your’e flying business or first cass cos the fligt back wont be too bad then. I think all pregnant women should travel business or first LOL..i think i’ll fake a pregnancy next time i’m going to London LOL

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    The doctor did tell me that Panadol/paracetemol is the safe equivalent, and I’ve been taking it pretty steadily. It might be helping — hard to tell.

    I’m flying coach, because I can’t afford more, but Kirsten suggested after I get on the plane and we take off mentioning to the flight attendant the whole pregnancy thing to see whether they might upgrade me. It makes sense, but I can’t really see how I would work that into conversation.

    [ring buzzer]

    “Excuse me, I’m pregnant, and I think if I have to sit in coach for ten hours I may have to scream. Can I get a free upgrade?”


  3. Mock me if you will, but I bet you try it 🙂 How about “I’m 5 months pregnant and I’m having bad cramps. My doctor said if this happened I should try to lay down. Is there anywhere on the plane where I can do that?” I’m pretty sure flight attendants live in dread of medical emergencis and labor. Work on their fears. 2 days until you get to go home.

  4. Oh, one more thing: Doctors in the UK are much more conservative about what foods are ok during pregnancy than US doctors, but US doctors are MUCH MUCH MUCH more conservative about what drugs pregnant women may take. While I was in the UK, I was told it was ok to take drugs that (a) doctors in the US veto and (b) have been shown to cause birth defects although with low frequency. Only you can tell how much you need add’l pain relief, but you want to be aware that the difference exists. When I moved back to the US (at 21 weeks, strangely enough), my US doctor was absolutely appalled at some of the UK recommendations….

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