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[formerly private entry]

I was feeling sufficiently sorry for myself today after all the pain and angst that after I dragged myself out of bed for lunch with a possible DesiLit-London person, I stopped in this trendy maternity store near the Hampstead tube station and indulged myself buying this t-shirt. The largest size barely fits me, because apparently women in London/Paris are tiny, but hopefully, only the baby bump is going to get bigger in the next four months. And it is awful cute.

I actually liked the ultrasound t-shirt even better, but it doesn't even come in my size (5, equivalent of an American 12-14 or so). But if you know a thin pregnant gal, it'd be a great gift, I think; looks like they're restocking in February.

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  1. Glad to see you indulging in consumer therapy. I liked the t-shirts. Dam, I wish I had had 1 when I was knocked up! You should try to catch a cheap matine(sp?) while you are in L. Try to breathe deeply and relax and be OK with the wierdness of Being Pg.It is how it is and the odds are that this will be your one time to experience it. Trust your body but get used to getting no sleep . You will have to internalize that you will Singletask soon. Kev. sounds like a good tree to lean on. Glad to hear you are with friends.Typing late, choppy sentences,no spellcheck, sorry. We love you and I will visualize fibroids taking a night off.Elle (& Ian)

  2. Sweetie, that’s just the fashion in the UK. Everything you wear should be stretched, stretched, S T R E T C H E D I’d say that on average women wear clothes 2 sizes smaller than their US counterparts. You’re just being English-stylish.

    Of course you’d be more stylish yet if you also showed your bellybutton. Yes, while pregnant.

    We’re thinking of you….

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