Second day in Oxford. …

Second day in Oxford. Seriously torn. There are many lovely things about this place. It is so beautiful, full of old buildings and green spaces. Everyone's been really nice, taking us to charming lunches at Exeter College and the like. People are constantly drinking tea. :-)

But even though Kev would in theory be paid a bit more here than currently, in practice, we'd likely have less, due to cost-of-living and exchange rate issues. Odds are that we'd be leaving our lovely big condo for a noticeably smaller space, for at least several years. How important is that? We've lived in small spaces before, but going back to one -- will we drive each other crazy? It's so hard to say.

There are just so many factors, plus and minus, and so much uncertainty. I very confused.

2 thoughts on “Second day in Oxford. …”

  1. Torn? Seems like a no-brainer. (easy to say that, I know, not being the one who actually would have to decide and move). Being just back from “the continent” I have to say that, in spite of the difficulties, it seems living abroad would just be so much fun!!
    Good luck to you, whatever you decide, and have fun while you’re there!!

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