After a few rather…

After a few rather frantic days of packing and errands in Chicago (apologies to everyone we owe phone calls and e-mails to), we're now safe arrived in Oxford, and have slept a few hours, so not too horrible-feeling from the flight. Can check e-mail, but apparently having some trouble sending outgoing mail from my regular account. So until I figure out why it keeps telling me that it 'cannot send message using the server,' I may be mute, but not deaf.

Oxford itself is rainy but lovely, and Kev's colleague Mark assures us that it isn't like this all the time, and that we're currently seeing the worst of its weather. If the worst only requires me to wear a sweater and a light raincoat, then it really can't hold a candle to Chicago in the Worst Weather Challenge.

Predictably, my Anglophilia is rearing its head, and I am charmed over and over again by the cobblestoned streets, the old stone walls, the massive metal-studded wood doors, the gorgeous architecture of the various Oxford colleges. They've put us up at the stunning Old Parsonage Hotel, which beautifully blends modern conveniences with old worlde charm. I had their English breakfast, though I admit to skipping the black pudding, as being a trifle ambitious for someone just off a long plane plus bus ride. The grilled tomatoes and mushrooms with my eggs, toast and tea were lovely, though, and Kevin reports that both their yogurt and coffee are surprisingly excellent. The hotel offers us complimentary use of their house punt and bicycles. If it were sunny and warm, I promise you, I would be punting along the river, or trying to. :-)

If Oxford were offering me a full-time job too, then I think it would be almost impossible for us to say no to this place. And even with Kevin full-time and me part-time -- it's tempting. Very very tempting. Though it is, oh, so far away from friends and family...


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  1. As someone who had the opportunity to live and work in the UK for a couple of years, I can give you this advice: Do it! It’s an incredible experience. Yes, it’s far from family and friends, but it’s also temporary. The US is only a plane flight away. And you’ll be surprised at how many visitors you get: our house had a near-constant stream of guests. 🙂

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