This is insanely short…

This is insanely short notice, I know, but I'll be teaching my very first lit class this fall (starting tomorrow, Th), at Roosevelt. It's Intro to S. Asian lit, an undergrad class that meets T/Th from 3:30 - 4:45. Here's the very tentative syllabus -- I reserve the right to make radical changes to it. I may be super over-ambitious in how much material I think we can cover, so especially the later parts of the syllabus may get shoved right off it.

Please don't e-mail me telling me how various groups are under-represented -- I know, I know. It's insane, trying to squeeze all of S. Asian lit into a single semester undergrad class. There are huge gaps, inevitably, even though I've stuck entirely to fiction, not even touching poetry. Constructive comments on the syllabus are welcome. I know I don't have the Naipaul page #'s yet -- can't seem to find my copy. Must visit library.

With that said, please contact Roosevelt's registration office (312-341-3535) if you're interested in taking the class for credit or as an auditor. If you'd just like to sit in on a specific class or two, e-mail me at least a day in advance, and I'll let you know if it's possible on that date. We should be having some great discussions! (And for those more interested in graduate level work, I'd be happy to continue talking after class is over (for about an hour) about some more advanced aspects of the material.)

Sadly, the class is not an online one, so you must live in or near Chicago to attend.

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