A pleasant holiday…

A pleasant holiday weekend. Saturday morning, I was thrilled to see a butterly in my garden!

I hope it comes back -- I only managed a few shots before it flew away.

Then Saturday evening, my little sister Sharmi and her boyfriend Ryan came into town unexpectedly. They came and hung out on the roof with us in early evening, and then we all went out (with assorted others) to a local place for dinner. Kev and I were both pretty tired, but it was really nice seeing them. Note that Kev is wearing his new trendy shoes -- he says they're comfy, but not as crazy comfy as people have been making them out to be. :-)

Yesterday was a long work day; Kev and I ended up biking to the Bourgeouis Pig because I couldn't concentrate at home. I wrote the second act of the play I'm drafting, and then came home and sent both acts out to the new desi writing group I'm in -- we meet next Sunday. I'm looking forward to seeing what they think -- I've never had an all S. Asian writing group before; I think it'll be really useful for a S. Asian story. Maybe. We'll see.

Today, I goofed off much of the day, reorganizing the bookshelves and such, but then Devi came over. In theory, we're working, and we have talked about my play a little. But so far, haven't gotten much else done. We did go up to the roof and take some photos of her; she's not going to her upcoming high school reunion, and they requested she send a photo. I love any chance to take photos of people, so was happy to oblige. I quite like this one -- only sorry that it was late enough that the photo's a bit dark:

And that's all, folks. Tomorrow -- convocation. School starts!

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