Sleepy munchkin. I did…

Sleepy munchkin. I did manage to bike downtown and back, but boy, I was tired when I got home yesterday. Legs hurting, drenched in sweat, etc. I am so out of shape. But we're going to fix that. I have had my fill of sluggishness and flab. (Usually these resolutions last 1-3 months before I lapse back into my indolent ways; we'll see how it goes this time.)

Had a nice day; hung out with some folks in the afternoon, then saw Little Miss Sunshine with Sam, whom I haven't seen in too long. We talked writing and work and the like; 'twas fun. The movie was solidly good, if not quite as spectacular as all the glowing reviews by my friends had led me to believe. Recommended.

Today, go in for a faculty forum (school's starting, eep!), then Kevin has some idea that we're going to play tennis. I'm dubious, mostly because I don't know how to play tennis and he does. We'll see what happens.

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