Nice weekend. …

Nice weekend. Yesterday, puttered about at home, then in the evening, had dinner with Devi and Angeli and Bobby and Manish, nominally to talk about writing and publishing, but in the end, talking a fair bit about sex too. :-) We had Thai food at Penny's (okay, not exciting), and then walked back to my place, where they ended up hanging out until 3:30 a.m. Much fun.

Today, slow start, read a bit of Lynn Flewelling's Traitor's Moon. Now I'm going to bike over to a barbecue at Manish's. You should be proud of me; I'm not just driving, even though it'll take forty-five minutes for me to bike (someone in better shape could do it in twenty, no doubt, esp. if they were willing to whiz through cars). I'm planning on taking Division over to the lake, and then having a pleasant ride down the bike paths. It's a gorgeous day out, a lovely bright 73 degrees. Perfect for a bike ride.

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