I’m feeling a mite…

I'm feeling a mite overwhelmed, as you probably guessed from the last entry. I've managed to gain four pounds in the last two weeks, which I think is a record for me, and a sign of o'ermuch stress, along with travel and visiting folks. Here's today's to-do list so far; more items will undoubtedly be added, some will fail to be completed and fall off onto tomorrow. School starts too soon.

  • send hardcopy of updated CV to Sandra Chapman
  • check on payments for Assessment project scheduled for August 16, 2006
  • check automatic payment for student loans
  • update newsletter lists
  • make half-dozen overdue phone calls
  • call Sharad re: NetIP conference
  • go to campus, meet with two students
  • get the fall 06 MFA course descriptions up on the CW website
  • finish reading Monica's manuscript, meet with her
  • hand in receipts
  • make sure contest entries judged
  • schedule doctor
  • schedule dentist
  • schedule haircut
  • do legal minimum paperwork (medical power of attorney, will)
  • prep for Rasaka Meeting
  • reserve Ganz hall
  • get guitar fixed
  • buy 3 tickets for play
  • set up DesiLit Online Workshop
  • send SLF checks
  • evaluate Becky
  • exercise
  • lose fifteen to thirty pounds
Okay, that last one is actually a goal for the fall, but you get the idea. A lot of these are quick tasks, but there's so damn many of them that's the problem...

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