Hey. So, it’s finally…

Hey. So, it's finally been borne in on me that I really do too much. I'm looking for an intern interested in learning the ways of arts administration who would meet with me in Chicago once a week, take on tasks, complete them to my satisfaction, etc. You'd be doing work on DesiLit (http://www.desilit.org), the Speculative Literature Foundation (http://www.speclit.org), and probably Rasaka Theatre (http://www.rasakatheatre.org). You might do some work on my own publishing/marketing -- see http://www.mamohanraj.com for what I write and publish.

Most of the work would involve the business of publishing / arts admin, anything from calling/e-mailing writers, designing programs for events, contacting bookstores, creating and supervising workshops, etc. and so on.

There might also be elements of personal assistant to the job, assuming the intern was interested and it seemed useful. I'd be happy to chat about writing, editing, the publishing biz, etc., anytime we had a break from actual work, so this would be a good job for an aspiring writer, especially one interested in the editorial/management side of publishing and arts admin. I won't read your mansucript or edit it for you, though.

Details: 4 hrs/week, $7/hr., ideally available on a weekday morning, but evening or Sat/Sun would be okay. Need to be able to come to my home on North Ave, near the Damen Blue line stop (or the North Ave. exit on 90/94). The ability to drive would be helpful, but not required. E-mail if interested with a brief statement telling me about yourself and your skills; send a resume if you have one. This position does not currently offer college credit, though it might eventually if we can figure that out. Thanks!

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