Other recent events –…

Other recent events -- another cooking class on Sunday, which went quite well, followed by our hosting an Indian music concert on our roof deck among all the pretty flowers. I have to admit, I was too exhausted to really enjoy the concert, but everyone else seemed to be having a good time, and I survived. I have got to be more careful about scheduling in future. I did sell several copies of Bodies in Motion and of my cookbook. I think it must be a good sign if people take a cooking class with me, eat my food, and *then* want to buy my cookbook. :-)

We also did a long bike ride yesterday -- most of the way to Kev's campus, then I stopped at my old cafe, West Gate, to read and recover for an hour, then back home. It was ninety degrees, and there was a moderately fierce wind blowing against us, so it was pretty hard work for out-of-shape me, but I did feel virtuous for exercising for the second time in a single week. Maybe I can get back to making a habit of it. That'd be good.

This is birthday week, so all kinds of fun stuff coming up. Tonight, my sister's taking me out for dinner at Del Toro; tomorrow, I'm doing a reading at the Bookcellar, which will probably be followed by some socializing with friends. Thursday and Friday are quiet work days, but Saturday Angeli's taking me out to dinner, and Sunday, I hear there's going to be a birthday party for me -- which I don't have to do anything for, other than show up! Excellent. :-)

Expect solemn thoughts on turning thirty-five sometime soon; for now, I'm mostly cleaning my house (in recovery from house guests and the various weekend events), revising the last part of the novel, and prepping some work for school. It's all good.

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