Dinner at Del Toro was…

Dinner at Del Toro was yummy -- as expected, the liver was the best part (I know some of you will find that hard to believe, but Mirna agrees with me, and she ate it, so she should know), and the churros y chocolate ran a close second. They had a chickpea side dish that I swear had a consistency close to souffle; I don't know how they did that. V. cool.

It was really nice catching up with Mirna. She's working a new job now, as chief resident at a different hospital, and it sounds tough but really interesting. She says she's learning a lot. Next year she goes off to do a fancy pulmonary fellowship in New York. My little sister is very very smart. It's a good thing I didn't become a doctor (despite my parents' urging) because I would have been pretty mediocre at it (judgement based on the C's I got in science classes), and would have had a total inferiority complex compared to her. Not good for the Mary Anne ego. Much better that we're in completely different fields. :-)

We ate outside, and it was such lovely weather -- cool and breezy. I had biked over, just for the fun of it, even though it was only four blocks. I had had some idea that I might bike more afterwards, and in fact, I called Kevin when we finished eating, and he came over on his bike, and we went over to Whole Foods and picked up some groceries. So three miles of biking, which at less than 10 mph (what the charts call 'leisure' bicycling) is only about 150 calories burned, but it's good aerobic practice for out of shape us (we were both pretty flushed by the end), and hey, 150 calories burned is better than nothing. Though I'm not sure it cancels out even one churro, never mind the chocolate. :-)

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