Hey, got a nice note…

Hey, got a nice note this morning from a reader in Madison; it's somehow particularly lovely getting this kind of note, knowing that someone just picked up the book randomly and liked it, without knowing me, without caring particularly about S. Asian lit, etc. Consider this a reminder to consider writing to authors when you like their books. It makes them happy. :-)

"Good afternoon--a short note on /Bodies in Motion/, which I just finished today. I had never read your writing or heard your name, and I picked out the book in the library's new section the other day for no other real reason than I tend to grab anything that looks vaguely interesting and read it--keeps my horizons open for surprise that way. I really enjoyed the book, and I loved your ability to interweave the stories. I thought your skill of recapping information (refreshing the readers on who is who in new chapters and stories) was masterful. You built solid characters and great stories--no small feat given how many characters were involved. I also greatly admired the fact that it was just a cracking good read. Much post-colonial literature often seems to sacrifice a good juicy read for a point, however valid and important that point is. Congratulations! I will read more."

:-) :-) :-)

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