After three hours spent…

After three hours spent writing up the draft assessment report this morning (and after many fraught hours this weekend trying to batter the data into coherent shape, given my unfamiliarities with the dark mysteries of Excel and the serene glory of the STDEVP tag), I was relieved to send the report off to my department chair, with hopes that it will be vaguely comprehensible. And then to amuse myself reading this:

Review of Books Written By My Ex-Girlfriends

Now I will rest a little, read some fluffy fiction out on the balcony, water the plants, and then go back to the other big project, sorting out the SLF stuff from WisCon. If I can get these two projects finished this week, I will consider the week a raving success, of the kind that deserves chocolate, wine, and roses.

On the plus side, now I know what the halo effect is, and why it should be avoided. :-)

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