Terrible nightmare last…

Terrible nightmare last night. I can't quite remember it, but it was something like -- some book that I'd been involved with (not written, maybe edited?) was being adapted into a movie [this plot clearly influenced by Monk episode I'd watched earlier in the day], and this strange woman was incredibly upset about it, for reasons I can't remember, and wanted it all stopped. And she was killing people to try to stop it [perhaps influenced by Buffy episode watched earlier in the day, in which Glory was threatening Buffy's loved ones], and had killed two people I didn't know and then killed a casual friend of mine, and a close friend was clearly next on the list. I was terrified.

This all sounds silly, I know, but it was incredibly real last night, and it totally wrecked my sleep -- I kept waking up panicked, then falling asleep and falling right back into the dream, usually at a point in the plot where things had gotten worse. Argh. This is one of the things I really miss when Kev's out of town; usually, when I have nightmares, if I wake up and tell them to him, they go away. (Classic Freudian psych practice, actually -- it's funny that it works.)

So up now, but groggy.

The last week has been fairly quiet; Kevin's in Montreal, I'm doing a lot of household stuff (putting up shelves, cleaning out closets, putting stuff in the storage unit, finishing up leftover bits of gardening) and writing and watching tv. Nilofer, Mirna, David L. and Lakshmi came over for dinner Friday; we played Scrabble, and David narrowly beat me (2 points!) because I got cocky near the end and played "berate" near a triple-word score, giving him the opportunity to play there. Ah well. Saturday, Sujata and Satya came and ate leftovers with me. I miss Kev, but except for nightmares, my friends are making sure I don't get too lonely! :-)

Oh, I've also been reading -- I've recently read:

  • the new Todd McCaffrey Pern book (acceptable for a Pern junkie like me, but not particularly good or bad)
  • the new Laurell K. Hamilton (which made me want to make Jed and Dan and everyone I've ever had conversations about managing complex relationships with read it, because that's mostly what her books are these days, aside from the sex and violence)
  • Crocodile on the Sandbank (a fun Victorian murder mystery that Lisette pressed on me; it has a feisty heroine)
  • Bastard Out of Carolina (because Jed's reading it, and I last read it a decade ago, and I wanted to be able to discuss it with him properly)
  • The Family Trade (I wasn't sure Stross would be able to transition from sf to fantasy, but this was quite a decent read, and I am looking forward to the other two books in the trilogy)
Today, mostly writing, with a little departmental stuff at the end of the day. Tomorrow, write up big report for work. Tuesday night, the girls are coming by for a sleepover. :-) The rest of the week, write write write. Kev comes back Saturday.

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