Kevin’s going to…

Kevin's going to Montreal for two weeks for a conference, and I'm thinking about maybe going and joining him for a few days, from July 8 - 11 or so, just for a small vacation. Here's my question -- I have this vague feeling that I know someone who lives in Montreal, but I can't remember who it would be. I can just go and be a tourist anyway, of course, but I'd hate to forget to visit someone if they're there. So if you are, now is the time to holler.

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  1. Hi Mary,

    I know we have never met each other, but maybe you are thinking of me?

    I live in Ottawa about two hours away and my fiance is from Montreal. Anything you need to know (my fiance’s a foodie, so restaurant recommendations are plenty). Do you need a place to stay (you are going to a conference so probably not). You are going during the Just for Laughs festival so you must check that out!

    I never thought you would come so close to me…hmmm..I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to meet up. The Bluesfest is happening in Ottawa during that time, I know I have tickets for the 7th (I’m seeing Great Big Sea), but I might get a chance to go to Montreal on the 8th or 9th.

    Hmmm either way…e-mail me..and I’ll send you my phone number, that way if you need any directions to anything, or whatever questions you may have you can contact me!


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