Long day today; after a…

Long day today; after a lovely dinner last night at Nilofer's, we got home late enough that I was too tired to work anymore that night. So I set the alarm and got up at five to prep student portfolios for the assessment process. I'm going through a lot of white-out! Luckily, it's mindless enough work that I can do it in front of Buffy (not so mindless that I could watch something new, but a Buffy episode that I'm seeing for the fourth time is about the right speed).

After a few hours of that, come in to meet the folks actually evaluating and set them up, rush off to a doctor's appointment; just a general check-up, no worries, I'm fine. Back to work, where I've been for a very long time now doing various bits of necessary but dull paperwork, and when I go home, it'll be to more white-out and portfolios, but also more Buffy, so it's not all bad.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll get to write some while they're evaluating. That'd be good.

I can't complain. There was a time in my life (years and years, in fact), when photocopying and filing and data entry and similar mindless tasks were what I did all day, every single work day. Every day I don't have to do that as my full-time job, I'm grateful. Always aware that I could end up temping again someday -- secretarial work is always my fallback. The (dis)advantage of typing so fast...

Sometimes I think, it'd be nice if being a dockworker was my fallback. Or something in construction. At least I'd be in good shape at the end of the day. And have a clear sense of having accomplished something concrete instead of just pushing papers around.

I do know that the papers are also concretely useful. I just have to remind myself of it sometimes.

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