We’re into summer…

We're into summer thunderstorm season here; the day may start out sunny, but at any given moment, the skies might open up and pour sheets of water down. And then it's sunny again, ten minutes later. I love this weather; it was the only thing that made me sad about Bay Area weather, the lack of summer thunderstorms. Sometimes I go out on my roof and stand in the rain. :-)

Yesterday I completely failed to get any work done. Just in a mood, y'know? The can't concentrate, slightly cranky sort of mood. So I cleaned up a little, played a little Caesar, read two Emily Pollifax mysteries, let Kevin make me dinner, talked to Kirsten for a while.

Today, I have to work. There's a big project coming up for work, and I need to do a fair bit of prep work for it. We're assessing the efficacy of the English program here, and I'll be supervising a group reading and evaluating student portfolios in the next few days -- which means, as prep, I need to cut off or white out all the faculty comments on the papers in the portfolios; otherwise, the evaluators will be unduly influenced. Mindless work, but necessary. I could ask one of the department assistants to do it, but I think it's easier if I just do it.

Also, of course, there's writing to do. The tentative plan: write in the morning, school stuff in the afternoon and evening. A long work day ahead; better get to it.

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