It’s been raining, very…

It's been raining, very lightly. I went up to the garden this morning, cut some of the small red roses and the orange-pink Granada rose. Some sunflowers and sage too, and picked a few early strawberries. Brought them all downstairs. My jasmine is blooming profusely; usually it has a few flowers at a time, but now there are dozens. I put the flowers in water, heated up some leftover Ethiopian curries for breakfast. Shiro, doro wat, kik alicha. I crave the sour taste of injera; if I'm not careful, I'll just keep eating it until my stomach hurts. I did that last night, after a long day of teaching and academic admin work.

I started re-reading a book while I ate; Card's Songmaster; I was recommending it on a panel Friday, and realized that I didn't really remember it well enough to know why I was recommending it. After eating, I started cleaning (with the book in my hand, which makes cleaning slower, but more enjoyable); I've been gone for a week, and while Kev kept up with the basics of plant watering and doing dishes, there's quite a lot to be done before the house returns to normal. He did pick herbs, put them in water. The coriander is flowering now; tiny white blooms. I wiped down our wood dining table with an orange-scented oil. Once I finish cleaning the kitchen, I'll repot a few plants, digging my fingers into the soil. Tonight, I'll cook my own curries.

This room smells of curry and roses and orange and jasmine and rain.

3 thoughts on “It’s been raining, very…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Glad you like them. 🙂 Feels a bit self-indulgent sometimes, somehow, so it’s nice to know that people do actually enjoy them.

  2. It was good to see you over the weekend. Too bad you couldn’t stay longer, but it seems that the rest of your weekend
    has been wonderful, too.

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