Abha Dawesar was able to…

Abha Dawesar was able to swing by and hang out for a few hours, so nice. She's just had her new book come out, That Summer in Paris, and we talked agents and editors and hardcover vs. softcover and sell-through and reviews and publicity tours and lack thereof and foregin sales and teaching vs. writing and the death of all our favorite independent bookstores and the demands of the mega-corporations and it was sometimes depressing but still, good to have someone to share the existential writer angst with. She's bigger than me, but close enough that we have similar stuff to talk about right now, which is awfully useful.

We also just talked about life. A bit. :-)

Now I'm off to White Plains for SFRA, with a reception tonight and tomorrow I get to go hear Nalo and Chip talk about race and sf, and then I give a talk on writing identity issues using sf/f in the composition classroom. Fun, hopefully.

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