Quick WisCon note: I…

Quick WisCon note: I just made my hotel reservations for next year, and they're already close to selling out of the Governer's Club, just fyi. Oof!

So far, all I've accomplished on my list is getting plane tickets for the East Coast. I'll be:

  • Sun 6/18 - CT
  • Mon 6/19 - D.C. (for SH/SLF rapid-fire reading at Mayorga's Coffee Factory in Silver Springs MD, 7-9 p.m.)
  • Tues 6/20 - Fri 6/23 - NY (though I'll probably swing by CT again for a day or two, depending on other peoples' schedules)
Which means that I'll see Ben Rosenbaum and Nancy Moore again soon, which alleviates a little of the WisCon bereftness.

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