Puttering in the garden…

Puttering in the garden this morning. A few photos from May that I've only just gotten to editing and uploading:

I'm trying an experiment here -- clematis climbing up a lilac bush. Chicagoland Gardening magazine claimed this was a good combination -- we'll see how it does. A week later, all those clematis blossoms are gone, but the leaves still look pretty good. Fingers crossed that it survives.

Nilofer's pussy willow is exuberant -- and in fact, a week later, it's now brushing the ground and has almost completely hidden its pot. A very excited little tree.

Columbine is just one of my favorite flowers -- so delicate and lovely, and it comes in so many pretty colors. I still love the blue best, but pink is charming.

And while I don't adore the individual petunia flowers so much, they do look luscious en masse.

Here's my herb garden (thyme, parsley, cilantro, dill, sage, mint, garlic chives, plus basil and rosemary planted downstairs in the kitchen windowbox), though it's not just a herb garden. It's a joke, do you get it? A sundial in the center of an array of different thymes... A nod to Edward Eager, if you please.

This is a very pretty picture, but it's not a happy one, I'm afraid. This beautiful weeping cherry tree should have leafed out by now -- I think it may need to be replaced. I wish I knew what had happened to it -- do trees just die from the shock of transplanting?

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