Yesterday in the middle…

Yesterday in the middle of the night, Nilofer called to say that she was having contractions, but didn't think I needed to come over. I, exhausted from three nights of sleeping badly, fell back asleep. Then, early morning, she called to say that she and her friend Charlie were heading over to the hospital, but that I shouldn't come yet, because they might just send her back. Then, later, I called to find that she was proceeding quite quickly, but I couldn't come then because I had to go downtown and teach my class, argh. But I taught it, and headed up, and got to the hospital around 1, and at 2:40, Nilofer gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and I got to be there for it. The first birth I've attended. It was -- something else. Sometimes, words just fail.

Surprisingly, the same day, our friend Neeraja went into labor (about a week early), and she gave birth to a little boy around 9 p.m., in the room next door. :-) They're good too. Everyone's healthy, a huge relief.

I ended up staying the rest of the day and spending the night; just got home. Not much sleep last night, due to the waking up for feedings. Emotions have just been churning through me; I'm probably as exhausted from that as from the lack of sleep. I need to teach a class now, then put a piece of urgent paperwork in the mail to the IRS, then I'm going to cook a little rice and curry and take it up to Nilofer and Neeraja, who are already tired of hospital food.

Late this evening, rehearsal with Satya. Tomorrow, teaching all day. Friday, clean up, pack, perform at VOR. Insanely early Saturday morning, fly to California. So if you're expecting a response from me on something urgent, please call. I'm insanely behind on e-mail because of the birth. Though it was worth it, since I got to be here to see this baby come into the world. :-)

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