We just sold the rights…

We just sold the rights to Bodies in Motion in Serbian! :-) The money is tiny (enough to buy some new flowering plants for the balcony and a few sweaters, which I have just done, because I am all about the instant gratification), but the satisfaction of knowing there'll be an edition translated into Serbian is huge. Go, Serbs, go! I admit, it pleases me greatly that a country which has suffered so much military conflict recently still has the time and energy to not just read their own books, but actually translate literature from the outside world. It speaks well for them -- lord knows, America hardly ever bothers to translate anything, and we don't have the excuse of bombings and war.

Yesterday I was exhausted, and aside from running out for an hour to the drugstore and the plant store, I pretty much crashed here and read. I finished Prep, which was well-written enough, and certainly reminded me of high school at Miss Porters' in some ways, but whose protagonist was so incredibly unlikable that I just wanted to grab her by the shoulders and shake her. She kept wondering why anyone liked her, and I had to wonder the same thing. Sadly, the book didn't provide me with much of an answer. I also re-read the latest Meredith Gentry novel, which was satisfying, but now leaves me irritated that I have to wait months for the follow-up.

In the evening, Kev and I ordered Thai food and watched The Chronicles of Narnia, which I thought was quite lovely, though all the faces looked a little weird to me, to the extent that I almost thought they were using CGI to deliberately make them look more alien. But no, that's just the way those people look. Liam Neeson did as good a job with the voice of Aslan as I think anyone could do, and overall, they managed to maintain the tone pretty well, even when some of the lines were perhaps hard to deliver. Kev and I did crack up when they crowned 'King Peter, the Magnificent!' :-) Generally, recommended.

Today is huge e-mail catch-up day. I am so behind, it has to be seen to be believed. I have a Voices of Resistance planning meeting at 2:30, and I need to pot the plants I bought yesterday once it warms up a bit. So it should generally be a fairly quiet, productive sort of day.

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