Remember how I said I…

Remember how I said I wanted a tree of white cherry? Well, I bought one! At Gethsemane, I ended up getting a weeping white cherry, just about as tall as I am. I am assured that it should survive winters on my windy rooftop deck just fine, assuming that it's happy in the big container I got it. Long-term, it shouldn't be in a container, but I'm hoping that it'll last the five or so years we expect to be here. If we stay here longer, well, I guess I'll probably have to get a new tree then. But there's still some hope that in a few years, we'll move to a stand-alone house with an actual garden. We'll see.

I bought a few other plants -- a $15 forsythia bush, because my parents had a whole row of them, and it made me sentimental, and a $60 Japanese maple, both of which were half-off the original price. I'm hoping the maple will live happily on our sheltered balcony. Fingers crossed.

Need to go back to grading now, but brief recap: Tuesday evening play, mixed. Great in points, overall didn't quite cohere for me. Wednesday got caught up on stuff, made up a syllabus for spec fic class, went to curriculum committee and had it approved. Wed eve, went to reading by one of my students for her first book! Took her out for a margarita afterwards. :-) And that's it.

Today, teach all day.

4 thoughts on “Remember how I said I…”

  1. Makes me wonder if there is something akin to bonsai training for middle-sized trees, if you were to need to keep it potted for a longer time than five years.

  2. I’ve got the same problem with an oak sprout that some friends dug up and potted for me from their yard. I’ve always loved oak trees, but our back yard is tiny and that little twig could become a monster of a tree someday.

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Perhaps you can enjoy it for a while, and then trade it to someone else for a birch or some such at some later date. 🙂

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