I spent a while today…

I spent a while today collating some info my students collected on places to submit market listings. For your perusal, those of you editing literary 'zines:

  • Absolute Write: http://absolutewrite.com
  • All Info - About Freelance Writing: freelancewriting.allinfoabout.com
  • Art Deadlines List: artdeadlineslist.com
  • A Smorgasboard of Markets: http://www.writing-world.com/basics/penny.shtml
  • Bella Online: http://www.bellaonline.com/subjects/1069.asp
  • Brady Magazine: www.bradymagazine.com
  • Duotrope's Digest: http://www.duotrope.com/digest/index.aspx
  • Fiction Factor: www.fictionfactor.com/links.html
  • First Writer: firstwriter.com
  • For Writers: http://www.forwriters.com/markets.html
  • Inkpot: http://inkpot.com
  • Jacqui Bennett Writers Bureau: http://www.jbwb.co.uk/address.html
  • Litline: litline.org
  • Louise Crew: http://newark.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/markets/index.html
  • Mary Anne Mohanraj's Literary Markets: http://www.mamohanraj.com/Writing/litmarket.html
  • Manitoba Writers' Guild: www.mbwriter.mb.ca
  • Nth Position: www.nthposition.com
  • Quintamid: quintamid.com
  • Ralan's Webstravaganza: http://www.ralan.com/ (e-mail guidelines to : author@ralan.com)
  • Speculations (Market Chat: New Markets): http://www.speculations.com
  • Spicy Green Iguana: spicygreeniguana.com
  • StoryPilot: storypilot.com
  • West End Writers' Club: www.wewriters.com
  • Worldwide Freelance Writer: worldwidefreelance.com
  • Writer's Circle of Durham: wcdr.org
  • Writer's Nook: tavonreiman.net
Also some more here: http://speclit.org/Writing/mktlists.php

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