Mirna’s 30th Birthday…

Mirna's 30th Birthday Dinner
(and Lunch the Next Day)

The green on the sides is crushed pistachio; the red bits on the top are rose petals.
Inside is chocolate cake, frothy cream, and a layer of mixed whole berries. Cake by Vermilion. Mmm....

The birthday girl and Elaine (who came from England, and who isn't actually a cousin, but might as well be...)

Adrian and Ryan face off, kindly posing on cue.

There was an incident with a shoe, too complicated to explain.

Sharmi and Ryan are ridiculously cute together.


And yes, there was cake. And singing. And clapping. And sisters feeding cake to each other.

Aww...we've come a long way from the days when Kevin thought my whole family hated him.
Though it's true, Mirna was a little tipsy when she actually hugged him. :-)

Strawberries and ice cream for dessert after a rice and curry lunch at my house the next day. Yes, my family is all about the food.

Mirna also got gazillion flowers. Want to guess which are from me? :-)

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