Sick baby. Not too…

Sick baby. Not too sick, but sick enough that I climbed into bed with China Mieville's Iron Council at 7:30 last night, and was asleep by 8. Slept eleven hours, and woke up feeling at least more rested, but not less sore-throated. Sigh. To be expected, I suppose.

I'm trying to make my life more sane; when I start feeling stressed and frantic, I'm trying to cut back, rather than just determinedly barrel ahead. To that end, I'm stepping off the main Carl Brandon board. I hate to do it, since I'm still entirely committed to the goals of the CBS. And I hope they'll let me stay on as an advisory board member, since every once in a while, I might have something helpful to contribute. But it's just become clear (with the fact that I've missed most of the monthly teleconference calls, for example) that I don't have the time or energy for that commitment. Sad. I hope they find someone good to replace me. Or even better, several someones; I think that board needs to be bigger. But they may not agree.

Not much other news here; drowning in a sea of papers, but that should hopefully be done with by tomorrow. Tonight after class and a seminar, I'm going to go see a staged reading of "Ashoka's Wheel," done by Rasaka Theatre:

Kiran Deshpande, an active philanthropist, founded a charitable organization, Ashokas Wheel, to raise money for rural development in poverty stricken areas of his motherland, India. When Ashokas Wheel is the subject of a random investigation by the IRS made possible by the Patriot Act, the audit reveals suspicious dealings that force Kiran to evade the authorities and cover-up a dark past.
Sounds fascinating. Not to mention timely.

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