This is Jeremiah, Sunday…

This is Jeremiah, Sunday morning, eating the chili-chocolate cake that I made for Karen. Though to be honest, he's just posing for the camera -- he liked the chili-free frosting quite a bit, but the cake itself was much too spicy for him. :-)

Sadly, I couldn't stay and hang out with J for long; had to get back to Chicago to swing by the 1 p.m. ISFIC board meeting at CapriCon, where we determined that yes, they'd like to reallocate the money they gave the SLF last year to a new Younger Writers' Award (for high-school age students, more details soon), and there's a good chance that they'll be able to make it annual, but we won't know that for certain until their new treasurer gets settled into the job. Final determination by August or so on that.

Had a nice lazy Sunday after that; came home briefly, then went to Devi's for mango mimosas, hanging out, relaxing with the gals. Had a chance to talk to Shruthi, whom I really haven't had time to get to know before. I likes her. We're going to meet up again tomorrow for coffee in between my two downtown classes. Stayed late, came home and crashed. Aside from the ISFIC meeting, I did pretty good at my goal for Sundays this year -- no work! Day of rest!

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